Healthcare reform

The House Republican Healthcare reform bill is simply a different piece of chocolate from the same box, and just like that box of chocolates, you won't know what you get until you bite into it.

How can you run on a platform of "repeal and replace" and then introduce a bill that simply re-labels the disaster we already have?  This is not a game, this affects 15% (or more) of our national economy.  So, start by looking at how to reform this monster without focusing on how you can stay in power, and keep the power you already have.  Actually give some consideration to the population you claim to be representing.

See, government solutions tend to have an impact on 100% of the population when only 5 or 10 percent of the population needs them to take some action.  Yes, healthcare is important (but not a right), but for the vast majority the citizens of the United States, they already have health insurance, or they have access to it (and can afford it).  Creating legislation that disrupts what is already working for everyone else is simply silly.  Why don't you find out why things work, and then model something on that?

For example, we already require auto insurance in 50 states.  But, we don't tack on all sorts of things to car insurance that doesn't address the basic purposes of the insurance.  We don't see Utah mandating that car insurance provide "free" oil changes to everyone, We also don't have our US Representatives & Senators designing auto insurance coverage.  The free market works just fine for that.

We also have a free market that has figured out how to provide food to the vast majority of citizens, at relatively low cost, and with all sorts of variety.  Food is essential for life, frankly even more so than health insurance.  Why isn't the government concerned with regulating & legislating food sources for 100% of us?  Maybe because they already figured out a way to address the needs of the small percentages of folks who need help getting food.

So, how about our GOP led congress figure out that the free market can help them achieve the goal of "repeal & replace".  Simply eliminate all of the silly loopholes, taxes, and restrictions on the health insurance industry, and those who purchase their products.  Make interstate health insurance just a matter of expectation rather than legislative.  Work on a bill that addresses the enhancements that are needed to provide coverage for those who truly are in need, and then expand that legislation to deal with the inevitable fraud that is bound to happen.

After that, watch the market take off.  Sure, you'll see states mandate that you have to have a certain level of coverage, and those companies interested in marketing their products to citizens in that state will comply.  You might even get some silly mandates such as required prostate screening for everyone, but the market will shake that out with time.